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Written by our friend at Saté Grill

Thirty years is how many days of snow? Wicked winds? Rainy days?  Beautiful sunny days? Saté Grill has journeyed through every one, serving one meal at a time to happy customers and showing how dedicated The Greenway food truck partners truly are serving loyal park-goers through all seasons of the year. Learn more about Saté Grill’s 30 year journey below!20190108-30years copy

How did your business begin? 

We started as students at MIT wanting to introduce Vietnamese food to the university community. This was 1989 when “pho” and “banh mi” were strange words to the general public and long before food trucks became so popular.  Our lines have been long virtually every day for 30 years since!

In 2010, we won Mayor Menino’s Food Truck Challenge and were invited to operate on City Hall Plaza, launching the City’s food truck program. The following year, Maxim Magazine named us one of the top 8 healthy food trucks in America.  We were invited to the Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race”.  The Phoenix newspaper also once selected us as the #1 food truck in Boston.

Our history is full of memorable and cool events from music festivals to weddings and house parties to massive corporate product launches. We’ve grown into a social enterprise, striving to make a positive impact in the lives of our crew and in the world.  One time we had a whole village in the Philippines sending us messages because we helped them rebuild from a devastating hurricane; this village was where one of our cashiers was from.

We are proud that amazing stars like Julia Child, Ming Tsai, and Jack Dorsey have visited our truck. We have achieved many milestones and awards, but are most proud of the fact that our crew has always been one of the most diverse, hard working, and happy food teams in Boston.haiyan.philippines

Why did you decide to vend via food truck? 

We were MIT engineers! We knew how to design and build out a truck. A food truck was an innovative way to introduce Vietnamese food to the campus at the time. A food truck also allowed us flexibility to experiment and test our ideas.

Why did you choose The Greenway as a location to vend and how long have you been vending here? 

We have great love and fondness for The Greenway. We were the second food truck to appear on The Greenway, at the infancy of the Conservancy’s Mobile Eats  program. The Greenway is a wonderful intersection of art, open green space, and local food – right in the middle of the city. At the lunch rush every weekday, The Greenway is one of the most vibrant spots, as people from all walks of life mingle and enjoy a lunch break. We are so happy to be a part of that diverse scene, right from the earliest days!

How has The Greenway improved your business? 

The Greenway has created a unique space where local food entrepreneurs can connect with customers and fans, right in downtown Boston. That exposure and opportunity for us to implement our ideas about operating as a social enterprise has been very helpful to us.

What is your favorite Greenway event? 

Every weekday lunch on Dewey Square and other parts of The Greenway is wonderful to watch.

What is your favorite Sate/Momogoose dish and what would you recommend to customers?

We recommend the Ga Nuong Vietnamese lemongrass grilled chicken on noodles (it comes with a mesclun salad and pickled julienne carrots). Our curry tofu is also fantastic. We’ve had vegan aficionados traveling all the way from the West Coast raving about our tofu.imagejpeg_0-1 copy

Besides Sate/Momogoose, what is your favorite Greenway food truck to grab breakfast/lunch/snack from?

We love Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, particularly when we are craving comfort foods.  The people there are top notch. Roxy’s is our neighbor in Allston and also a very early food truck operator in Boston.

What are your plans for the future? 

This year is our 30th anniversary, so we want to do some cool things for our crew as well as our customers. Look out for some great announcements! We are starting with the ambitious goal of donating 30,000 meals to the U.N. World Food Program this year–a gift from our customers in Boston to the children of the world!